How Do You Use the Xfinity TV App?


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Use the Xfinity TV app by opening the app and logging in using your Xfinity online account details. Select from the tabs at the top of the interface to view television listings, watch live television, schedule DVR recordings, view on-demand content and search for shows or movies.

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Live streaming and video on-demand features of the Xfinity TV app perform best on a 4G or LTE mobile network. The Xfinity TV app requires large amounts of data and live streaming should be used on a Wi-Fi connection to minimize data usage. The Xfinity TV app includes a feature that allows you to download shows or movies to watch later which also helps to save on data usage.

The Xfinity TV app allows you to search for series and films by actor name, series or film name and a host of other criteria using episodic data tagging and smart search algorithms. The app also features picture-in-picture so that you can search for a show or browse the television listings without obstructing the show or movie you are already watching.

The Xfinity TV app has a web interface for desktops and laptops available at XTV.comcast.net. The web app functions much like the Android, iOS and Windows phone versions and is capable of streaming 1080p video at 60 frames per second.

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