How Do You Use the WPS Button?


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Press the WPS button on your router to set up the Wi-Fi connection in your home or business. Enter the necessary information when prompted, then press the WPS button again. Setting up a Wi-Fi connection with this button requires very little time.

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  1. Locate the WPS button

    Find the WPS button on your router, and press it one time. The WPS button is likely located near the USB and Ethernet outlets on the back of the router. Locate the WPS button more easily by locating the button that is accompanied by two small, circular arrows.

  2. Set up your browser

    Open any Web browser on your computer, and type into the address bar, then press Enter. You do not necessarily need to choose the same Web browser that you usually select when you use the Internet. Enter your login information when prompted. The user name field should be left blank. Type "admin" in the Password field, and click OK.

  3. Press the WPS button again

    Press the WPS button on the router again. Make sure you do this within two minutes after you have completed the prior step. If you fail to do this within two minutes, you need to restart the entire process.

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