How Do You Use WordPad to Print Addresses on Envelopes?

To print addresses on envelopes using WordPad, start the program, and select the appropriate size and orientation of the page from the Page Setup dialog box. After setting up the page, type the address, use the alignment options or the Tab key to position the address where necessary, and print the page via the Print dialog box.

Start WordPad by clicking on the Start button, selecting the All Programs option, opening the Accessories folder and clicking on WordPad. Once the program loads, click the File button, and select the Page Setup option from the drop-down menu. Open the drop-down menu next to the Size option, select the desired envelope size or type, and select the Landscape option in the Orientation section. Uncheck the box next to the Print Page Numbers option, and click OK.

Type the address, highlight it using the mouse pointer, and choose the desired alignment option by selecting it in the Paragraph section. Alternatively, click before the first letter of the address, and keep pressing the Tab key until the address reaches the desired position. Select the Print Preview option from the File menu to view the layout of the page, and make any necessary changes to the position, alignment and size of the address. To print the address, place the envelope in your printer, select the Print option from the File menu, and click the Print button in the Print dialog box.