How Do You Use a Wireless Router Repeater?

Use a wireless router repeater to increase the range of your Wi-Fi signal by placing it near the edge of your wireless router's current signal. Then connect your computer and router to the extender.

  1. Place the extender within reach of your current Wi-Fi signal

    Determine where your wireless connection begins to drop off, and place the extender in that area. This reflects the current signal so that it extends the signal coverage area. Use a free utility software program to measure your signal strength around various areas of your home, and locate the best place for the extender. Put the extender close to the router during setup.

  2. Hook your computer to the extender

    Open your network connections list, find the extender, and select it as your preferred connection. Type in the generic username and password that is preset into your extender, which is typically found in the user manual. Change this to a unique username and password once setup is complete.

  3. Follow the instructions on how to connect your router to the extender

    Read the user manual, as the exact instructions vary from one manufacturer to another. You typically need to connect to a setup wizard provided by the manufacturer in order to configure the extender and finalize the settings.