How Do You Use a Wireless Network Card?


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Use a wireless network card by properly installing it in your computer, configuring it to work with your wireless network, connecting to the Internet or local intranet and testing it for proper operation. Wireless network cards come in many different forms, but most simply slide into a compatible slot on a desktop motherboard or external laptop port.

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Install the card in the appropriate port, and check to make sure the system recognizes it. On Microsoft Windows, the system should recognize the new card after a restart and prompt you to begin configuring your network. Select the name of the network from those listed, and enter any relevant passwords, privacy settings and allowed permissions for programs. Many operating systems have these set up by default. Use your wireless card to complete the connection, and watch the indicator supplied by the card software or operating system to verify connection.

Once the connection completes, use the command prompt or line entry on the system to ping an address and confirm connection. The ping command works on most systems, and following the command with a single space and a popular website should return the amount of time it takes to send and receive information from that website. A positive test confirms you can use the card with your choice of Internet browsers or online software suites. Alternatively, you can test the connection by attempting to access a local intranet page or a website directly with these programs.

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