How Do You Use a Wireless Keyboard With a Samsung TV?

The first step to using a Samsung TV Smart Wireless Keyboard is to make sure it is compatible with the Smart TV. Insert the batteries at the bottom of the keyboard, then pair the keyboard with the TV by pressing for two seconds on any key except Ctrl, Alt or Pairing.

Use the keyboard by moving your finger on the touchpad to move the cursor on the screen and tapping the touchpad to select an item on the screen.

Use any app on the Smart TV that supports your keyboard. If the app supports the keyboard, the screen shows a graphic of your keyboard. When you type text, your typing appears on the screen.

The wireless keyboard allows you to record video and play videos. The function keys at the top of the keyboard perform these tasks, and have symbols showing their tasks; for example F5 stands for recording, F6 for stopping video playback, F7 for playing, and F8 for pausing.

Primary reasons for using a wireless keyboard include convenience and saving time, since the keyboard combines the roles of the keyboard, touchpad and remote control. However, the keyboard can't be used with apps that don’t support a QWERTY keyboard, such as Netflix.