How Do You Use a Windows Vista Installation Disk?


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You can use a Windows Vista installation disk to install a fresh copy of Windows into a computer or to perform a repair. You can also use it to reinstall an existing copy of Windows.

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To perform a clean Windows installation, insert the Windows Vista installation disk into your CD-ROM, restart your computer, and select the appropriate options to boot from the disk. Once the Install Windows page appears, click Install Now, set your preferred option for receiving updates, and type the product key for your copy of Windows. Read the license terms, accept them, and then select the Custom installation type.

Choose a drive or partition for installing Windows. If you need to create, format, extend or delete an existing partition, click Drive Options (Advanced). After selecting a partition, click Next to begin the installation. Follow the instructions that appear, and wait for the installation to finish.

To perform repairs, boot from the installation disk, and click Repair Your Computer. Once your Windows Vista installation appears on the System Recovery Options window, select it, load any drivers you need, and click Next. Wait as the tool searches for problems with your Windows installation. If the problems aren't automatically detected, use recovery tools such as the command prompt and the Windows memory diagnostic tool to troubleshoot your computer.

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