How Do You Use Windows 8 Remote Assistance?


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To use the Remote Assistance feature in Windows 8, enable it via the System Properties dialog box through the Control Panel, configure the necessary settings, make sure the feature isn’t blocked by Windows Firewall, and invite a trusted user from the Windows Remote Assistance screen. After choosing a user, select an option through which that user can connect to your computer.

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How Do You Use Windows 8 Remote Assistance?
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To access the System Properties dialog box, press X while holding down the Windows key, select the Control Panel option, type “system” in the search field, and click on the Allow Remote Assistance to Your Computer link in the System section. Once the dialog box appears, open the Remote tab, and check the box next to the Allow Remote Assistance option. Click on the Advanced button, set the amount of time an invitation should last, and click OK.

Access the Windows Firewall screen by pressing R while holding down the Windows key, typing “firewall.cpl” in the Open field and clicking OK. Click on the Allow an App or Feature Through Windows Firewall link, click on Change Settings, check the boxes next to Remote Assistance, and click OK. Press R while holding down the Windows key, type “cmd” in the Open field, and press Enter. Type “msra.exe” in the Command Prompt window, press Enter, and select the option to invite another user. Finally, select whether to send the invitation as a separate file, as part of an email message or via the Easy Connect option.

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