How Do You Use Windows 8?

How Do You Use Windows 8?

To use Windows 8, learn the basics of using the Start screen, then locate your applications and learn to use each one. Customize the look of your Start screen by rearranging the applications and tiles.

  1. Get to the Start screen

    Find the Start button, which is comprised of four squares. Click the Start button on the lower left corner of the screen or anywhere it appears. Alternatively, tap the Start button on your keyboard.

  2. Locate your applications

    Navigate to the Apps view. If using a touch pad, slide up from the middle of the Start screen. If using a pointer, click on the down arrow located in the lower left of your screen. To open an application, click on its icon.

  3. Pin your favorite applications

    Navigate to the Apps view. Right-click the desired application, or press and hold its icon. Click the "Pin to Start" pop-up.

  4. Unpin applications from the Start screen

    Hold or right-click the target application on the Start screen. Click the "Unpin from Start" pop-up.

  5. Organize your Start screen

    Slide tiles to desirable locations by holding the target tile. Drag the tile to its new location. Re-size a tile by holding it and clicking the "Resize" command. Choose the desired size. Regroup your tiles by pressing and holding the target group. Drag them to an open space, wait until an open space appears, and release them.

  6. Practice using each application

    Click on each application, and practice using the tools provided to complete tasks.