How do you use a Windows 7 repair disk?


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If Windows 7 does not boot up or boots up with problems, use the Windows 7 system repair disk to troubleshoot and fix the issue. The system repair disk allows you to boot up Windows and provides several options for repairing a damaged operating system.

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To use the Windows 7 repair disk, insert the disc in your computer's DVD drive, and reboot the computer. Once the system comes back up, you should get a message that says, ���Press any key to boot from DVD.��� Press any key on the computer���s keyboard while this message is up.

You can use several recovery tools to fix your computer. The Recovery Wizard presents you with a set of options including Startup Repair, which fixes software problems that prevent a computer from starting correctly. The second option, System Restore, restores Windows 7 to an earlier point in time. The third option is System Image Recovery, which recovers a computer by using a system image that was created during a system backup.

The last two options are Windows Memory Diagnostic and Command Prompt. The Windows Memory Diagnostic tools checks a computer for memory hardware errors, while the Command Prompt option opens a Command Prompt window.

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