How Do You Use a Windows 7 Recovery Disk?

Individuals can use a Windows 7 recovery disk to fix software problems related to the operating system without formatting the hard drive. The recovery process restores the computer to its default state or last working point while maintaining old programs and personal files. It is ideal for recovering the system after a virus or malware attack, but it does not fix hardware errors.

To use a Windows 7 recovery disk, insert it into the CD or DVD drive before restarting the computer. If prompted, press any key to boot from the disk. On the System Recovery Options or Install Windows page, choose your language preferences before clicking on Next. The system checks for installed versions of Windows, and it displays the available options. If you have multiple operating systems running, select Windows 7 before clicking Next.

Choose Use Recovery Tools That Can Help Fix Problems Starting Windows, and click Next. Select a recovery tool and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Restart the system, and check to ensure personal files are still available. If not, use the disk to restore backup files and default programs added to the machine by the manufacturer. Finally, set your computer properties, including date, time and Internet settings.