How Do You Use the Wikipedia Ask for Help Option?


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To use the Wikipedia Ask for Help option known as the Help Desk, create a personal Wikipedia account to protect your security, go to the Help Desk page, and create a new post with your question. Monitor your post for the answer from Wikipedia volunteers.

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To protect your IP address from public visibility and attribute your post to a username that you choose, create a Wikipedia account by clicking on Create Account in the upper right corner of the Wikipedia main page. Enter your username, password and email address, and click on Create Your Account. Go back to the Wikipedia main page, scroll down, and click on Help Desk under Other Areas of Wikipedia.

To post your question, click on Click Here to Ask a New Question About How to Use or Edit Wikipedia. Enter the headline or subject of your question post in the designated box. Be as specific as you can when entering your question into the post, and include the title and links to any Wikipedia pages the question references. When you have finished, click on Save Page to activate your post.

The Wikipedia Help Desk is intended for those who have questions about how to actively participate in Wikipedia. If you have questions about particular topics in Wikipedia pages, use the Reference Desk. For answers to other general questions, try the Frequently Asked Questions, Help Desk archives or Administrators' Notice Board.

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