How Do You Use a VuPoint Scanner?


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To use a VuPoint scanner, turn it on by holding the Power/Scan button for three seconds, prepare it to scan by pressing the button once, and run the scanner across the entire document that is to be scanned. Pressing the Power/Scan button again ends the scanning process.

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A VuPoint scanner supports a memory card up to 32 GB, on which scans can be saved. Prior to first using the scanner, format the memory card by using a pencil tip to press the Format button on the scanner. The letter F displayed on the scanner display indicates that the memory card is ready for use.

The Resolution button on top of the scanner permits configuration of the default scanning resolution. Available resolutions are Low (300 pixels per inch), Medium (600 pixels per inch) and High (900 pixels per inch). The Time Set button, located to the side of the scanner, allows the date and time to be set for proper time stamps to appear on scanned images or documents.

Prior to scanning, lay the document on a hard, flat surface. Once scanning is complete, use the USB cable provided to connect the scanner to a laptop or computer. The scanner appears as a removable disk in the list of available drives. The scanned files can be copied and pasted to the local machine.

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