How Do You Use the Voice Dialer on Your Smartphone?


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To use the voice dialer on a smartphone, speak the proper command to open the dialer, and say "Call" followed by the contact's name or phone number. For Android phones, you need either the Google Now app or the Voice Dialer app. For iPhones, disable Siri.

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  1. Install the app or disable Siri

    If your phone did not come with the Google Now app pre-installed, launch the Google Play store on your phone, and search for the app. Open the application's product page, and install it. If your phone does not have the required specifications to run the Google Now app, install the Voice Dialer app instead. To disable Siri on the iPhone, go to Settings, and select General. Under Siri, select Turn Siri off.

  2. Launch the app or Voice Control system

    To launch the Android voice commands, say "OK Google" or "Open Voice Dialer." To launch the Voice Control system on the iPhone, press and hold the Home or Call button, and wait for a tone to sound.

  3. Say the command

    Say "Call" to activate the voice control system's calling feature. When the feature is active, say the contact's first and last name or phone number. If the contact has several phone numbers in your phone, be specific about which type of phone number you wish to call.

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