How Do You Use Virtual DJ Pro?


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To use Virtual DJ Pro, pick a song to play, load it into either one of the two decks on the Virtual DJ screen, and press play. You can then mix the track that is playing with another song by adding it to the other deck and pressing play. To mix the volume of the individual tracks and fade from one to another, use the individual volume controls, or blend them with the cross fader for a smooth transition.

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The Virtual DJ screen offers a graphical representation of a typical DJ setup. This includes two decks that represent players or turntables, an audio mixer with an equalizer and effects loops for each track, and a browser window that lets you browse your collection of music and find songs to play.

Add tracks to either one of the two decks by dragging and dropping from the browser window onto the desired track. Once a track is added, the deck shows a graphical representation of the track's waveform, and it also displays the tempo and key of the track. You can adjust the tempo or key of track by using the pitch control

The cue function allows you to select a particular point in a track to begin with. This could be the first beat of the track or the first musical riff – any point that you find it helpful to begin your mix in. Another useful feature is the Sync functionality, which automatically matches beat and tempo of a track to the one playing in the other deck.

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