How Do You Use Vine?

How Do You Use Vine?

Vine users install the mobile service on their phone devices, sign in, choose a username and then record or upload videos of up to 6 seconds long. Created by Twitter, the Vine application allows users to post short videos that they can then share on with other Vine users, or on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The mobile service is available for Android, iOS and Windows smartphones, and according to Twitter, it is easy to use.

  1. Install Vine
  2. Users download and install Vine for free from the app store for their particular device. For example, Android users can visit the Google Play Store and iOS users can visit the Apple App Store.

  3. Sign in
  4. If users have an existing Twitter account, they can use these details to sign in to the Vine app. Alternatively, users can sign up using an email address.

  5. Choose a username
  6. Vine users can choose any username and change it at any time, provided it does not contain special characters. Vine does not require unique usernames.

  7. Create and share a Vine
  8. Users can create Vines up to 6 seconds long using the app and the device's built-in camera or upload existing videos. Users can share their creations on Vine as well as Twitter and Facebook.