How Do You Use ViewMyPaycheck on Intuit?

How Do You Use ViewMyPaycheck on Intuit?

ViewMyPaycheck is a website that allows employers to provide access to employees to their individual paycheck details. Employees need to login into their ViewMyPaycheck account and view their current or previous payslips.

Employers who have the ViewMyPaycheck set up need to run their payroll in the QuickBooks online Payroll and the paycheck information is then securely loaded onto the Intuit servers. Since the paycheck information is now loaded on the server, the employees can enter into their account using their login credentials and access the website to view their payslips.

ViewMyPaycheck works best on Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer version 9 and above browsers. For an employer, the login credentials are the same as that of the QuickBooks online Payroll. The employee needs to have the social security number and the net amount of the earlier paycheck. The employee has to visit the ViewMyPaycheck website and then sign up for an Intuit account. The account allows accessing multiple sites and products with a single user identification and password.

Next step is to enter the social security number and the net amount and click on all done.

The employer needs to run payroll in the QuickBooks Online Payroll and create paychecks in the account for the employee. Once this is done, the employee can then view the pay slips by signing into the respective account.