How Do You Use the VGA Camera on the Front of a Nokia N900 Phone?


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Users need only select the VGA camera app, compose their shot and then begin recording or else take a photograph by tapping the icon. The phone then saves all photographs and videos to its internal hard drive in the automatic image and video folders.

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Users can begin taking photographs as soon as the phone is charged. The VGA camera has excellent resolution and is a point-and-shoot device.

  1. Open app
  2. Opening the app brings up a camera view showing the result of potential shots. This allows users to compose their frames.

  3. Take picture
  4. Users can take photos by tapping the photo icon on the screen. They can record video by holding the icon down.

  5. Evaluate results
  6. Shots can be discarded or saved. Saved shots are stored in the phone until deleted or transferred.

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