How Do You Use a USB Flash Drive to Copy Files?


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To copy files by using a USB flash drive, select the files you wish to copy, and drag them to the USB drive icon in the Computer window. Alternatively, select the files, press C while holding down Control, and paste them in the USB drive window.

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In Windows Vista or Windows 7, open the USB drive window by clicking Start, selecting Computer from the menu and double-clicking on the USB drive icon. Navigate to the location of the files you want to copy, and use the mouse pointer to select them. Click on any of the marked files, hold down the left mouse button, move the mouse pointer to the USB drive window, and release the button. To copy files via the Windows Clipboard, right-click on the files, and select the Copy option from the drop-down menu. Open the USB drive window, right-click on an empty spot, and select the Paste option.

To copy files that are larger than 4 gigabytes, format the USB drive so that it uses the New Technology File System file format. To do this, right-click on the USB drive icon in the My Computer window, click on Format, select the NTFS option in the File System section, and click Start. Once the formatting process completes, copy the large files by dragging them to the USB drive or right-clicking on them, hovering over the Send To option and selecting the USB drive.

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