How Do You Use TypingMaster Online to Increase Typing Speed?


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TypingMaster online helps you increase your typing speed by teaching you how to type by touch. It features a variety of study materials that include drills, speed tests and games. Each lesson adjusts to your specific progress and provides helpful feedback.

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TypingMaster teaches users to avoid typos by learning the proper finger placements. In addition, TypingMaster covers the entire keyboard, including special marks and the numerical keypad. The timed tests focus on accuracy and speed, with full reports at the end of each test. Throughout your training, TypingMaster evaluates your progress and can pinpoint problematic keys, allowing you to focus on these keys in specialized lessons. The lessons are time-based, but they automatically adjust to your speed, making them shorter as you learn key placement and increase your speed.

Touch typing, as taught by TypingMaster, is a much faster way to type, saving you time in the long run. In addition, touch typing allows you to stay focused on the computer screen rather than the keyboard. Your posture and comfort levels at the computer become much more relaxed. Increasing your speed also increases your productivity. TypingMaster allows you to work at your own pace, learn the keyboard and proper finger placements, and increases your typing speed.

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