How Do You Use TypingMaster Online?

How Do You Use TypingMaster Online?

On Dec. 9, 2013, the TypingMaster Online typing course was moved to a new website and renamed Typing Quest. Typing Quest users work through exercises and drills to learn correct finger placement, increase speed and accuracy, and improve fluency.

Typing Quest has four courses to familiarize students with the keyboard: letters and punctuation, number row, number pad and symbols row. There is also a junior course and a course that focuses on building typing speed. These six courses are divided into 29 lessons and consist of over 10 hours of material.

Each lesson introduces new keys using step-by-step exercises beginning with warm-ups, moving to key drills and continuing onto fluent typing exercises. Typing Quest takes a visual approach to introducing keys and shows scorecard graphics with a student's speed and accuracy. The entire course emphasizes efficient finger movements and good ergonomics.

Users who began learning touch typing with TypingMaster Online or who purchased a license find their test results and licensing information on the Typing Quest website. On the new website, users can continue using the Java style of TypingMaster Online or use the updated study material in Flash.

New users can try Typing Quest free of charge before deciding whether to purchase the course.