How Do You Use Your TV As an HDMI Computer Monitor?


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Use your television an HDMI computer monitor by connecting the television to the computer via HDMI ports found on both devices. All you need is a basic HDMI cable.

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  1. Inspect your television and computer

    First, determine if the computer and the television have HDMI ports. Unfortunately, older computers and televisions do not have them. The ports are labeled HDMI for ease of identification. After locating the HDMI ports, ensure that the computer and television are both powered on.

  2. Connect the computer to your television

    Connect the television to the computer with an HDMI cable. Connect one side of the HDMI cord to the HDMI port on the television, and connect the other side of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the computer.

  3. Choose HDMI as the source on the television

    Select source on the television remote control, and then choose the HDMI selection. At this point, the computer monitor goes black momentarily as the two devices are connecting. Immediately after this, the television monitor displays whatever is displayed on the computer monitor.

  4. Enjoy an enhanced viewing experience

    Continue using the computer as normal while having everything displayed on a larger television screen. Having your television as a HDMI computer monitor provides richer details in high resolution video games. Stream movies and music videos from the Internet with greater sound quality than is often found in computers, and bring the Internet experience to the entire family at once on a larger scale.

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