How Do You Use the TuneIn Radio App?

How Do You Use the TuneIn Radio App?

To use the TuneIn radio application, download and register for it. The application has several unique features that all work together to make it easy for users to find favorite stations and customize their radio listening experience. These features include creating favorite station lists, finding local stations and recording live radio.

The TuneIn pro radio app is available to be purchased and downloaded on both Android and IOS devices. Use the following instructions to be able to use the TuneIn interface.

  1. Create an account
  2. Follow the prompts and sign up using a current email address after downloading the app.

  3. Sign in to the account
  4. Sign into the account, as this allows all of the radio stations that are added to be saved to the account.

  5. Browse the app sections
  6. There are several common sections in the app. The finding local stations section is a feature that locates all of the nearby radio stations. This list includes the name of the station, along with the name of the song it is currently playing. There is also a search bar that focuses on finding the stations for the listed area. The last feature allows the TuneIn app to record the music or shows being played.