How Do You Use TubMate to Manage Downloaded Videos on Your PC?

Use TubeMate to manage downloaded YouTube videos by installing the app and downloading videos in the selected format by clicking the green arrow at the bottom of the screen. Look for the videos or MP3 files in the folders created by the app.

The first step in managing the videos and MP3 files used by TubeMate is to download the app from the company's website.

  1. Download the TubeMate app
  2. Download the TubeMate app from the company's website. Either download it directly to an Android device or save the .apk file to a computer to transfer later.

  3. Open the file manager
  4. Open the file manager and select "Folders." Tap the .apk file and hit "Install."

  5. Use TubeMate to browse YouTube
  6. Instead of watching videos through YouTube, use TubeMate. Select a video and choose the format.

  7. Download or watch
  8. After selecting the proper format, select either "Download" or "Watch." Users may also select "Download as MP3" on some files.

To view or delete downloaded files, simply go into the file manager and select the TubeMate folder.

TubeMate is ideal for those who have data caps, a poor Internet connection or who want to watch videos at a later time. Users select the video quality and most files download quickly.