How Do You Use a TomTom GPS Device?


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To use a TomTom GPS device to find directions, use the touch screen or voice commands to set a destination that includes either a full address or set of geographic coordinates. The device automatically calculates the fastest route from either your current location or a specific starting location.

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All GPS devices connect with a series of satellites orbiting the Earth to determine the approximate location of the device itself and aid in navigation to finding other areas. TomTom GPS devices use this data along with proprietary map information to provide specific instructions on how to safely and efficiently drive between locations. Using the devices begins by setting a starting destination, which is typically your current location, though it is possible to set different locations for more complex route planning. After setting the starting point, enter in a destination by either inputting a full street address or searching for a street name or landmark.

The TomTom device locates the starting and destination locations via GPS, then compares that data to its map systems to outline the most direct route. Some models also offer access to real-time traffic conditions, which allow the system to compare the actual travel time of different routes and provide a more accurate route between destinations. The devices constantly check the location and update with the next step to reach the destination.

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