How Do You Use Telus People Finder?

How Do You Use Telus People Finder?

To use the Telus People Finder, use your ‘my Telus’ cellphone and type ‘Telus People Finder’. Choose the People Finder option and key in details of the person. Type in a name or phone number to see other details about the person

Doing an online search gives details about phone numbers, addresses and yellow or white pages information. The phone-search gives details of the online link from where to search. There are options to look-up an address, both cell phone and landline contacts, and do a background examination. Try the Telus Reverse Phone Directory to get additional details about an individual.

Telus further gives details about where a cellphone is registered and the service provider. This free service is available to U.S. and Canadian citizens.

Get results similar to what you can find through 411 searches. Use street address also to find people on Telus. Moreover, operate it to peruse through general information or conduct investigation. Conduct enhanced searches to get supplementary business-related information about individuals and companies.

The search populates all available online details in a few seconds.

When unsure about the person you are searching, begin with broad details that you know and narrow the search based on information from Telus People Finder.