How Do You Use Telnet?


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Once installed, you can use Telnet to connect to another computer via an Internet connection. If you are granted permission, you can then enter commands to access programs and services, such as e-mail, files or databases, that are on the remote system.

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  1. Install Telnet

    To install Telnet on a Windows 7 or later computer, click the Start button, then Control Panel and then Programs. Under Programs, click Turn Windows Features on or off, and enter the administrator password if prompted to do so. In the Windows Features box, select the Telnet Client, and click OK to initiate the download.

  2. Connect to a Telnet Server

    After installing Telnet, connect to a Telnet Server by entering the server name in the Command Prompt window. If you do not know which Telnet server to connect to, access one of the several Telnet bulletin board systems to review available servers. Once connected, review the permissions granted from the administrator, and understand that you can only enter text commands with Telnet.

  3. Enter Telnet commands

    Learn the fundamental Telnet commands. For instance, “open” or “o” is the command used to establish a Telnet connection with a remote server or host computer, and “close” or “c” is the command used to terminate an existing connection. To view your permissions and settings, type “display." To access information or the help portal, type “?/help.”

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