How Do You Use Tango Chat?

How Do You Use Tango Chat?

Using Tango chat is simple enough, involving only registration, account confirmation and then opening the app and finding friends to chat with through its various messaging and communication utilities. Users can import contact lists from other messaging services or else get contact information on their own from those with whom they wish to chat, making connection a very simple matter.

Tango Chat is a messenger service for text and images. It can be used to communicate between individuals or in group chats.

  1. Download the app
  2. The first step is to download the app and make an account with Tango. This allows the site to confirm a user's identity and generate a user profile for them based on their specifications and choices of user name, avatar and security information.

  3. Build contact list
  4. The next step is to import contacts from other social networking utilities or else to acquire contact information personally. This allows a user to communicate with their contacts via the chat engine and the other utilities associated with the Tango app.

  5. Begin chatting
  6. The final step is to begin chatting by selecting a contact from the list. Once the contact is selected, a window will open and a conversation using text, emoji and other images can begin.