How Do You Use a Tablet Computer?


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Tablet computers typically use touchscreen interfaces, and basic use involves tapping the desired application's icon on the home screen. Some apps, especially games, might require users to swipe across the screen using a finger.

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How Do You Use a Tablet Computer?
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Most tablets sold as of April 2015 are based on the Android operating system or Apple's iOS. Apple's tablets list all of the installed applications on the home screen; swiping left and right reveals more applications. On Android-based tablets, users can place specific apps on the homescreen, but other apps are placed in the app drawer, which users can access by tapping the icon in the center of the bottom of the screen.

Applications work in different ways, and experimenting is often the best way to learn how to use them. After using an app, users on iOS devices can return to the home screen by pressing the physical button on the face of the device. Android tablets can have either physical or virtual buttons, but the home button returns to the home screen on both types.

Android and iOS tablets are generally capable of pairing with Bluetooth devices, which allows users to connect keyboards to their tablets for typing lengthy documents and emails. Android devices also support Bluetooth mouse connectivity, which can help ease the transition from a desktop or laptop to a tablet device.

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