How Do You Use the AT&T U-Verse TV Guide?


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Press the Guide button on your AT&T U-verse remote control to access the U-verse TV guide. Using the Up and Down remote arrow keys, you can move through channel selections one at a time. The Page Up and Page Down buttons let you switch between pages.

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The Left and Right arrow buttons allow you to move forwards and backwards chronologically. The Right arrow key displays television shows to come later in the day, while the Left arrow key displays shows that have already aired. Pressing the Fast Forward button repeatedly lets you see scheduled shows in increments of 24 hours. Pressing the Fast Forward button once skips ahead 24 hours to display the next day’s shows, while pressing it twice brings up shows scheduled to air in 48 hours, and so on.

The Info button displays additional information about a highlighted program. Viewing options such as Watch, Record and See More Show Times are accessible through the Info menu. Additional show information is also accessible by pressing the Right arrow button after highlighting a show. Press the Record button once to bring up the Record menu and twice to start recording a series. Users can exit the U-verse TV guide menu by pressing either the Exit key or the Guide key once again.

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