How Do You Use T-Shirt Printing Equipment?


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To prepare T-shirt printing equipment, create a template of the image you wish to print using solid black ink, cardboard or any other flat, light-blocking material and then coat a silkscreen in emulsion fluid before setting the image over the emulsion and exposing it to light. Once the image is exposed, clean the silkscreen with water and push ink through the screen onto the fabric of the shirt.

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Industrial-quality screen printing equipment can be expensive, but the materials necessary to get started are typically affordable for the beginner. For example, most arts and crafts stores carry screens and frames for about $14 a piece, and photo emulsion and sensitizer costs approximately $20. Beyond this, it is necessary to invest in a powerful light bulb of at least 250 watts so that the image burns cleanly onto the screen.

Screen-printed images do not necessarily need to be printed on paper. Some screen printers make cardboard cut outs of the images they wish to print onto shirts, and others use found materials to create images. The image needs only be dark enough to prevent light from coming into contact with the emulsion material so that it washes off in the shape of the image when water is applied after exposure.

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