How Do You Use an AT&T Insurance Claim to Get a Replacement Phone?

use-t-insurance-claim-replacement-phone Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As of 2014, you must have a mobile insurance plan, a Mobile Protection Pack or an AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack to use the insurance claim and receive a replacement phone. If you meet on of those requirements, you must file and track your claim with Asurion to get started.

  1. File a claim online or over the phone

    Visit to file your claim online. Alternatively, file and track your claim over the phone by calling Asurion in the resource provided. If you have a broken phone, AT&T recommends looking at options other than filing a claim, such as reviewing your upgrade options or using your warranty to replace the device.

  2. File a claim with Asurion

    Go online to, and click the File a Claim button. Fill out the required documentation, verify your identity, and provide account information and a description of what happened to your phone. If you have a successful claim, it can take a day or two to receive your new device. In addition, AT&T bills the deductible to your wireless account.

  3. Complete the Asurion forms

    Once you have completed the forms, submit the claim to Asurion. Claim acceptance may not happen right away, so allow some time for Asurion to look over your information.