How Do You Use the Synctunes Wireless App?

How Do You Use the Synctunes Wireless App?

The Synctunes wireless application is user-friendly, and needs to be downloaded to both devices, then installed onto each device before connecting them and then launching the app. When the devices are connected to each other, the music files can be transferred to one another easily.

Synctunes is a freeware application, meaning there is no cost to use it. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and iTunes. The application itself converts the iTunes playable format into an MP3 that Android and PC users can use to play from their devices. Use the following instructions to install and run Synctunes on the desired devices.

  1. Download the program
  2. Search for Synctunes using both the apple and PC devices, then download it.

  3. Install the software
  4. Install the software on both devices.

  5. Connect both devices
  6. Using either a USB cable or Bluetooth, connect both devices to each other.

  7. Turn the application on
  8. Turn Synctunes on, on both devices and press the read library button. Synctunes will then read and transfer the available iTunes onto the other device.

Synctunes is not the only available freeware that serves the purpose of transferring music files. There is a default program on Android phones called file transfer that sends files to a computer. This same process can be done to expand the library on a Mac computer.