How Do You Use the SuperVPN App?

Users with compatible mobile devices can use the SuperVPN application by activating it and using the one click interface to immediately create and execute a VPN connection. Devices with SuperVPN active is able to negate any third party tracking and allows the user to access any websites that are restricted geographically. The SuperVPN application also encrypts all Internet traffic when active and does not have any limitations in terms of bandwidth or browsing speed.

SuperVPN does not require root access to the Android device to operate and also offers unlimited time on its free trial mode, though certain limits apply. After 20 days of free usage, the free trial version of the SuperVPN application limits the user to a maximum session usage time of 60 minutes, after which the user needs to restart a session.

As of 2015, SuperVPN has an installation base of between 10 million to 50 million on the Google Play Store and requires an Android device operation at least version 4.0 of the operating system. The SuperVPN application's operations are supported through main servers in Houston, Texas, and dedicated VPN servers located in Chicago, Illinois, and Ashburn, Virginia. The application was developed by the Super VPN Company, which was established by a group of IT professionals in 2010.