How Do You Use the My Stocks Portfolio App?

How Do You Use the My Stocks Portfolio App?

To use the My Stocks Portfolio application, download the latest version of the application from the app store and set up the password-protected account to track and monitor specific user's portfolios. A free version is available or upgrade to the paid application to remove banners and ads for extra space.

To use the My Stocks Portfolio app:

  1. Installing the desired version on the chosen device
  2. The Android application My Stocks Portfolio app is available online. Choose the desired version and install it on the device.

  3. Using the functions of the application
  4. Set up the account for a specific stock portfolio, or use the imported data from any financial site that supports CSV download. Use the multiple currency support to track holdings in various markets and currencies.

  5. Using the features
  6. Create a password lock for portfolios and stock quotes to ensure privacy even when the device is unlocked, and manage multiple portfolios in various markets using the streaming real-time quote feature. From the top tab, access holdings, portfolios, quotes and summary charts. Market news and exchange rate tabs offer news feeds for each stock quote. My Stock Portfolio support is available for users at the Windows Phone website.