How Do You Use an "if" Statement in MATLAB?


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"If" statements are used in MATLAB to execute certain statements depending on the truth value of an expression. They are used in conjunction with "else" and "elseif" statements, although these are optional and depend on desired functionality.

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In computer science, conditional or "if" statements are features of a programming language that perform different actions based on whether the specified Boolean condition evaluates to true or false. In MATLAB, "if" statements are composed of two basic lines: the first is the condition "if" followed by the expression, and the second is the code that should be executed if the expression is true.

However, conditionals can be more complex through the use of "else" and "elseif." These are placed after the second part of the conditional. The "else" block provides the code that should be executed if the expression in the "if" statement is false. The "elseif" block provides another conditional followed by more code to execute if its expression is true. This means there can be any number of conditions in an "if" statement, which are called nested conditionals. The first time that an expression is true in a nested condition, its code is evaluated, and the remaining conditions are not evaluated.

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