How Do You Use SPSS?


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To use SPSS, open a data file in the program. Format the data by removing any missing data cells. Find and select the statistical test that you want to perform from the Analyze tab.

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  1. Load the data into SPSS

    Select a compatible data file to load into SPSS. Click the File and Open buttons and select the file.

  2. Prepare the data

    Enter the data view in SPSS, and edit any data that cannot be processed by SPSS. For example, if a variable that you are studying is measured in dollars, you must remove the dollar sign from the SPSS file in order for the program to properly analyze the data.

  3. Analyze the data

    Analyze the data by clicking the Analyze button at the top of the screen. Select the statistical test that you are interested in conducting. For example, to calculate the mean of a set of numerical variables, click Analyze and then select Descriptive. Select the variables you want to analyze and add them to the variable column. Click OK when you are ready to run the statistical test.

  4. View the output

    A new window automatically appears on the screen. This window is the output viewer. You can view and interpret the results of the statistical analysis.

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