How Do You Use "split Screen" in Windows 7?


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Windows 7 has a feature known as Snap that can vertically split the screen with two windows. Right-clicking an empty area of the taskbar in Windows 7 also shows more ways to arrange open windows, namely, cascading, stacking and showing windows side by side.

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To make two windows fill the screen using Snap, simply drag the title bar of one window to one side of the screen, and drag the other window to the opposite side. Dragging to either side makes an outline appear to show the new size and position of the dragged window once the mouse is released. Alternately, hold the Windows key, and press either the left or right arrow key to split the active window.

The taskbar offers more options to arrange windows. Cascading makes windows overlap and their titles appear. Showing windows side by side evenly splits all windows vertically, whereas stacking splits them horizontally. With at least four windows open, the latter two options arrange the windows in a grid pattern. The Snap feature and these additional arrangement options may not properly work with windows that have custom behaviors or fixed sizes.

Splitting or arranging windows in a screen is useful when comparing documents or when transferring files between folders. Windows 7 also supports multiple monitors to extend the display and give more space for interaction with several open windows.

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