How Do You Use the Spell Checker in Windows 8.1?


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To use the spell checker in Windows 8.1, enable the Autocorrect option in the Settings menu. Although older versions of the Windows operating system do not feature built-in spell checkers, you can install Spell Check Anywhere or enable it in applications such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word.

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To enable the Autocorrect option, press C while holding down the Windows key, click on Settings, and select the PC and Devices option. Click on Typing, and move the slider next to the Autocorrect Misspelled Words and Highlight Misspelled Words options to the right. In case the spell checker doesn’t work, make sure to select the right language by pressing C and the Windows key at the same time while the text box is active. After you enable the options, the spell checker should automatically detect, highlight and correct all misspelled words.

To enable the spell checker in a Microsoft Office program, click on File, click on Options, and then click on Proofing. Check the box next to the Check Spelling As You Type option, and click OK. To enable the spell checker in other programs if you’re not using Windows 8.1, navigate to SpellCheckAnywhere.com, and download the free version of Spell Check Anywhere. Once you install the application, it should add the spell checker functionality to text areas in most programs, including Notepad, WordPad, Skype and QuickBooks, among others.

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