How Do You Use Software to Design a Garden?


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Software such as Garden Planner, My Garden and Marshalls Garden Visualizer make it easy to arrange trees, plants and buildings using a simple to use drag and drop interface. Marshalls Garden Visualizer includes tools for quickly creating paving, fences and paths.

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My Garden produces a high-quality color printout of the garden design, and makes it easy to drop an extensive range of objects onto a lawn to create the garden. The software has basic graphics and menus divided into six categories including vegetables and flowers, water features and landscape. The software shows or hides items placed on the lawn or the garden design. My Garden software is user-friendly, has a simple interface and provides a wide variety of features and templates.

Marshalls Garden Visualizer is more sophisticated than the other software. It has a 3D tool that easily uploads high-quality photographs and videos of the garden. After selecting the garden's dimensions, choose from a variety of objects such as hedges, fences and walls. The 3D tool is mainly for hard landscaping. Marshalls Garden Visualizer requires Adobe Shockwave, a free program.

My Garden Planner is a design tool customized for gardeners. It can upload a photograph of the garden, and has objects from 14 categories in a drop-down interface or menu. The objects supported range from ponds to pools and vegetables. Plants are generic, rather than a known species. My Garden Planner has a user-friendly interface but sometimes it has very basic graphics.

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