How Do You Use the SNOMED CT Browser to Lookup a Medical Code?


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Look up a medical code on SnomedBrowser.com by entering the Snomed concept ID, read code or ICD-10 code into the Code box under the Search by Code heading on the homepage. Click the Search button to retrieve code information.

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If the code is unknown, enter a search term and select a concept type from the drop down menu under the Search by Name heading. Options include physical object, finding, administrative, social concept and body structure. Environment, staging scale, qualifier value, event and physical force are additional options.

After selecting a concept type, click the Search button. Whether searching by name or code, the results screen displays the concept ID, read code and ICD-10 code, if applicable.

The Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms is the standardized clinical terminology adopted by the United Kingdom's National Health Service. The terminology is used across the United Kingdom health care system to facilitate data management and analysis, as well as data exchange and extraction.

Snomed CT is available in over 50 countries and represents the most comprehensive medical terminology available internationally. Consisting of scientifically validated content, Snomed CT includes clinical phrases and terms that are grouped by relationship.

The International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization manages and maintains Snomed CT internationally. In the United Kingdom, Snomed CT is managed and maintained by the UK Terminology Centre.

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