How Do You Use Snitch Name to Find Someone's Social Media Profiles?

How Do You Use Snitch Name to Find Someone's Social Media Profiles? offers a powerful search tool to assist in finding the social media accounts for people. By aggregating and searching an enormous amount of data, makes it simple to search for a person by his name and have all of his social media profiles revealed. gathers data from different social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other popular networks. Additionally, it compiles information from other places, such as academic websites, blogs and government websites. All of this data is then stored and indexed by the service.

Searching for a particular person through's data is simple. The home page of the website contains a search bar, which prompts a user to enter the first and last name of the person they wish to look up. then compares this search request to the index and finds matches between the entered name and the social media networks in the Snitch database. Cross-references can also be made in between gathered data, such as usernames and email addresses. These cross-references may reveal data that would otherwise not be found by a simple name search.

Once the search is complete, Snitch displays the results in a series of windows that give a quick overview of the findings. Each search result is clickable and opens the relevant social media network finding in a new window.