How Do You Use Snapchat?

How Do You Use Snapchat?

To start using Snapchat, download the messaging app from your Android or iOS device. After downloading, tap the Snapchat icon and select Create a Free Account. Create your account by entering your email address, password and username.

  1. Add your contacts

    After you create and verify your Snapchat account, add your contacts by selecting the Find Friends icon. Tap OK to allow Snapchat to access your contacts and tap the plus icon next to your contact's name to add the person as your Snapchat friend. To find Snapchat users not in your contacts, tap the magnifying glass icon and enter the Snapchat username in the search field.

  2. Adjust your settings and take snaps

    Before using Snapchat, review your settings by tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner and the red square on the bottom right corner of your screen. To start taking snaps, select the camera icon at the bottom of your screen. Switch back and forth between rear and front-facing by tapping the camera icon at the top right of your screen. To record a video, tap and hold the circle.

  3. Add a caption, draw and set a time limit

    After taking your photo, you can draw on your snap by tapping the pencil tool. Use the slider to adjust the color and your finger to draw. To add a time or location stamp or to filter your snap, swipe your finger right or left to preview each effect. After editing your photo, choose how long you want your recipient to view your snap by tapping the stopwatch icon at the bottom of your screen.