How Do You Use a Smartphone With a Blu-Ray Player?

To stream media from your smartphone to your Blu-ray player, you must have an app such as AllShare Play and a Blu-ray player with WiFi. Open the app on your phone, then select the Blu-ray player from the list of devices. Choose the file you want to play, and tap the Play To button to send it to the Blu-ray player. Many smartphones also have the capability to work as remote controls for Blu-rays, TVs and other devices.

Most modern electronic devices support DLNA or UPnP, which allow you to connect these devices to a home network and share media between them. In addition to supporting this type of technology, most smartphones allow users to download special media players to make shared streaming easier. If your television is not compliant with this technology, you can still stream media on it using a DLNA-compliant Blu-ray connected to that TV.

Since all devices on the network can share media, you can stream files from other devices besides your phone. For example, you can select a video from your computer and push it to your TV to watch it on a larger screen. Many smartphones support this feature away from home as well, making it easy to share music or videos at a friend's house.