How Do You Use Slingbox to Watch TV?


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Connect a Slingbox to your television set and to your home Internet connection and you can access your television programming on any Internet-capable device, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. The Slingbox makes all the programming available at home also available online, including programs recorded on a digital video recorder.

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A Slingbox is a set-top box that connects to all of a home's television programming suppliers, including cable boxes, satellite receivers, antenna and digital video recorders. The Slingbox connects to the home Internet router via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, depending on the Slingbox model and capabilities. Most older Slingbox models require a wired connection.

There is no recording involved when using the device. The Slingbox streams the home media online, turning the Slingbox into a streaming media server that only the owner can access. The Web application is free, but there is a small one-time fee for the mobile app.

Setup on some models can be a little cumbersome, but most of the newer models have a setup wizard that walks the user through the process. The quality of the video depends on both the speed of your home Internet service and the speed of the connection on the mobile device.

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