How Do You Use Siri?

How Do You Use Siri?

Available on certain generations of iPhones, iPads and iPods, Siri can be accessed by holding down the Home button. Once the beeps sound, speak to Siri, and your requests are processed and answered. Siri can be used as a personal assistant and can provide location-based reminders.

  1. Hold down the Home button

    Press the round button at the bottom of the Apple device. Release it after the device gives two quick beeps, indicating that Siri has been activated.

  2. Ask Siri a question

    Begin a question for Siri with the phrase, "Hey Siri." This option is only available on iOS 8 or later and needs to be turned on in the Settings menu.

  3. Ask Siri for help if necessary

    Ask Siri, "What can you do for me?" Another option is to tap the question mark in the corner of the screen. Siri provides a list of options and suggestions on how to phrase questions for maximum understanding. Siri is designed to learn and familiarize itself with its owner's speech patterns and needs.

  4. Tell Siri when you're done talking

    Tap the audio waves on the screen to let Siri know the command or question has been completed. Siri is designed to detect the end automatically, but in areas with a lot of background noise, manually informing the program is clearer.