How Do You Use a Sentence Creator?


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Complex Sentence Generator is a free online sentence creator that rewrites phrases and sentences entered onto the website by a user into alternative versions of the sentence. Many Things provides a number of sentence creation tools that allow users to generate unique English sentences based on linguistic patterns such as subject plus verb and subject plus verb plus complement.

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Multiple sentence generation programs are available on Many Things; these tools create randomized English sentences by following a pattern specified by the user. Sentences are created simply by choosing a pattern and clicking a button to generate a certain number of sentences. Available options range from simple sentences consisting of a subject and a verb to complex sentences defined by subjects, verbs, indirect objects and direct objects. The sentence creators on Many Things are also capable of considering a variety of tenses such as present continuous, past perfect and present simple.

Complex Sentence Generator rephrases and rewords content entered onto the site by users while still maintaining the general meaning of the sentence. The program paraphrases sentences using a variety of randomized methods and incorporates rarely used words and phrases into its results. Users simply enter a phrase or sentence of their choosing into the tool, and an altered result is returned.

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