How Do You Use Screen Mirroring?


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Screen mirroring requires a smart television and a smartphone with a screen mirroring function. To use this feature, the television must be attached to a wireless hub so that the phone may link to it.

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Screen mirroring can work with a smart television or a television with a wireless hub. Many recent smartphone models support screen mirroring, but older phones may require a custom tool to link to the television. When using a smart television, there is no need to set up a wireless connection between the phone and television because the television has a built-in hub. If you have one of these televisions, just turn on the screen mirroring function to connect. This function is normally in the Share and Connect section of the settings for the phone.

When using a regular television, attach a wireless hub using a HDMI cable. Double check that the hub identifies the television before attempting to connect the phone. With some wireless hubs, you need to restart the hub after identifying the television before connecting. After this, enable the screen mirroring function on the smartphone. You can use Roku media streamers to screen mirror as well; enable this function in the Roku's settings menu.

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