How Do You Use the ScotCrest Clan Finder Tool?


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ScotCrest provides an online Clan Finder tool on its website, ScotCrest.com, which can be used by people with Scottish forebears to find which ancestral clan they belong to and what their clan is known for. They can also find details about their clan’s crest design, and what kind of tartan cloth is associated with it.

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The Clan Finder tool has two sections, both of which are free and available on the website. The first section can be used by those who do not know which clan they belong to. Different Scottish last names (surnames) are associated with different clan names, and this section can help to identify which clan a particular last name belongs to. Simply type in the surname into the text box, and click on “Find Clan."

If the surname is available in the tool's clan database, the search will display details about its clan, including its motto, crest and a thumbnail photo of its tartan. The motto may be in English, Latin, French or Gaelic (Irish). The tool also provides an English translation if the original motto is not in English. If a surname belongs to more than one clan – which might have happened due to migration, marriage or changes in occupation – the tool shows details of both clans.

The second part of the tool is ideal for someone who already knows which clan he belongs to. Clan names are sorted in alphabetical order, and clicking on one shows the details of that clan.

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