How Do You Use SchoolNotes 2.0?


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Use SchoolNotes 2.0 by creating a free account according to the way in which you plan to use the site. As of 2015, students, teachers and parents each have their own sections which contain areas for sharing notes, accessing games and monitoring course progress across different categories.

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SchoolNotes 2.0 is an interactive, virtual classroom where students, parents and teachers may interact and learn according to a preset lesson plan. Teacher accounts contain sections that allow them to post coursework and notes for different areas of study, as well as incorporate online games and activities from the Education World network into a lesson plan. Student accounts contain features for viewing the lesson plans and documents, as well as participating in the activities and submitting information to teacher accounts. Parent accounts enable users to monitor the progress of the students, gain an understanding of the coursework, and communicate with teachers.

Another feature of the service is the ability to upload and share documents, such as homework assignments or additional learning materials. Documents appear according to the preferences of the teacher account, centering all activity around the virtual classroom. The service contains an email messaging system that enables all account types to interact with each other; for example, students can ask teachers questions about an assignment, and teachers can update parents on a student's progress.

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